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Healthy animals, healthy people

About DIO

The DIO foundation gives support and advice in the field of animal health and production to the poorer people of the world, irrespective of country of origin, beliefs or political interests.


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Annual report 2010!

Our annual report of 2010 is finished
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Healthy animals, healthy people!

In many countries people do not only keep animals for meat, milk or eggs. Hides, wool and manure are also indispensable. Furthermore, an animal can give draught power and function as a means of insurance to its owner. If the herd gets sick, the whole village is in danger. Through support and advice in the field of animal health, DIO tries to help people in developing countries to improve their way of life.

The main tool in our efforts is the Veterinairy Information Service (V.I.S.), which is free to our target group. Furthermore, we try to help by giving advice on animal diseases and other veterinary issues. Secondly we want to promote awareness in The Netherlands of the importance of animal health in development co-operation.
We do also projects in development countries to improve the livestock of the people or the access to livestock.
Our motto is: healthy animals, healthy people

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