Diergeneeskunde in Ontwikkelingssamenwerking

Healthy animals, healthy people

Over DIO

DIO biedt steun en advies op het gebied van dierlijke gezondheid en veehouderij, aan de minder bedeelde bevolkingsgroepen in de wereld, ongeacht herkomst, geloof of politieke overtuiging.


Symposium 2007

The world on your plate: ‘Livestock in a global perspective’

In honor of the 20th anniversary of DIO Foundation an international one-day symposium was organized together with the global Endogenous Livestock Development network (ELD). The symposium was held on Wednesday November 7th 2007, at the veterinary faculty in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

The Netherlands or Europe is not an island; the European veterinary and agricultural policy influence farmers in developing countries, as well as their colleagues in the North. This symposium aimed to address the effects of globalization in livestock development, and presents initiatives that strengthen local (marketing) and North-South exchange.

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